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22 February 2018
The official
of the Joint
Welcome to JIM 2018!
elcome to Milan for the 2018
edition of the Joint Interven-
tional Meeting. Over the next
three days we invite you dive
in to our programme of live
case, lectures, debates and cutting-edge techni-
cal demonstrations.
The case demonstrations are of course a key
component of JIM, and this year we welcome
centres from Milan, Bonn and Rotterdam, who will
all beam in live via satellite to exemplify the latest
and greatest techniques, from expert operators. As
always, JIM’s motto is “uninterrupted live demon-
strations”, with operators never choosing to skip
over the important parts, or challenges, of a case.
Of course, the panel discussion that accompa-
nies each case brings up even more intrigue and
exchange of knowledge!
Concurrent sessions, held at 12:45 on Thurs-
day and Friday, are poised to tackle the broader
themes of drug-eluting stents, TAVI, chronic total
occlusions, intracoronary imaging, the struc-
tural heart, innovative technologies, and clinical
“crossroads” of optimal antithrombotic therapy
in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary in-
This evening in Room Manzoni we will host a
symposium that questions whether self-apposing
stents are the answer in managing large discrep-
ancies in vessel diameters in left main bifurcation
lesions. Presentations, discussions and case presen-
tations will all feature.
Similarly, Friday’s duo of Evening Symposia will
also offer exciting explorations of core topics. The
first, held in Room Manzoni, focuses on complica-
tions in interventional cardiovascular therapies
– asking why they happen, how they can be
managed, and how to prevent in the future. The
second (Room Club), tackles left main conclave,
with guidelines, decision-making strategies, and
other tips and tricks laid bare.
In addition, stay tuned for the “live in the box”
sessions – new to JIM this year – focussing on
acute neuro interventions, and perspectives from
both South America and Europe.
On behalf of all of organisers, and the CRF
Team, we will you all an enlightening and enjoy-
able JIM 2018, and we thank all of you for your
continuous support.
Antonio Colombo and Eberhard Grube
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LAA occlusion
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